April 23 ,2016
I moved to Vancouver in 2014.  Not knowing what the real estate market was like, I decided to contact Vu Ngo.  He had his business card at a local restaurant I was eating at.  Upon calling Vu, I stated what I was looking for.  Vu's response was quick and professional.  Vu provided me with condo listing in Vancouver.  With my budget in place I purchased a brand new condo in East Vancouver. Moving foward 2016, I decided to look for a place in downtown Vancouver.  However this year was quite complicated, the market in downtown was hot.  Everytime Vu and I went to see an open house or a showing, I was getting out bid by other buyers for ridiculous amount I couldn't afford.  To a point I was detoured from looking to buy.  Yet Vu was there to give me reassurance to be patience.  Vu works 110% for his client, even to a point, I can call the guy anytime during the day, even late in the evening.  I see how Vu's work ethic is like, he's not the type to make a quick sell.  He has talked some common sense to me, not to just buy out of excitement.  He wants to find the best for his clients.  In March, we finally found a place that I loved.  To honor Vu for his hard work, I didn't think twice on using anyone else to list my E Vancouver place.  Vu listed my place in E Vancouver and within 3 days my place was sold for more than what I was asking for.  Also the connections Vu has, he refered me to such people to make the process go smoothly.  
Thanks Vu for making me feel comfortable working with you.  The way you make people feel, says a lot about you.  Keep up the good work and I will definitely contact you on my next home." Sincerely
Lou T
Yaletown Vancouver

June 12 ,2014
My wife and I engaged the services of Vu Ngo in late November 2013. Because of an accident that damaged my spinal cord, we needed to sell our house and move into a single level condominium.
We explained to Vu at the outset, exactly what we were looking for in a condo. This included location (close to transit and shopping), size (minimum 1200 sq. ft.), pet policy (we had two cats), and price (ceiling of $700,000.) Vu never forgot these criteria. Consequently, he never wasted our time with a listing or showing that didn’t meet our specifications.
Right from the start, it was evident that Vu’s knowledge of the Vancouver real estate market was extensive. We were very impressed with his attention to detail and his work ethic. We could see he was very thorough and exuded a sense of confidence. He also knew all the ins and outs of the legalities governing the buying and selling of properties. We never worried about being caught off guard by a situation as Vu always had it in hand.
Vu was very diligent about staying in touch with us. He was always readily available and returned our calls or texts promptly. We were never left hanging.
After five months, Vu finally found us a condo we could have bought sight unseen. It met all our conditions and the price we paid was considerably less than what we expected. The details of the transaction were settled without incident. In addition, he sold our house in three days and got the price we wanted. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.
In conclusion, my wife and I would recommend Vu Ngo to anyone requiring the services of a real estate agent. Though the process was long and somewhat stressful, we were never disappointed and were always confident of a positive outcome.
Stephen & Deborah Filleul

Feb 16 ,2013
I have known Vu for 14 years. During this time, I have found him to be a man of integrity, honesty and reliability.

A few months ago, my daughter and her boyfriend decided to buy a condo. I asked them to get in touch with my friend, Vu.

To no surprise, Vu sprang into action instantly. Not only he paid attention to what they had in mind and what their budget was, but he also acted as a truly caring advisor who had their best interest at heart. He patiently taught them how to look for a place, what to look at, and what locations they should avoid amongst many other things. Needless to say, now they are overjoyed with the place they got.

Around the same time, my wife and I decided to down size since we no longer needed the big house we had. Of course Vu was entrusted with the task of selling our house. Immediately, Vu took it upon himself to make sure that the house was in the best possible shape. He went over and beyond his duty to help us prepare the house for sale. His advice was always sound and sincere and was driven by our best interests rather than him completing the sale and collecting the commission.

The amount of effort Vu put into selling our house was absolutely incredible.

Both my wife and I are proud to have Vu as a trusted friend. Him being a realtor is only an added bonus. We know that his integrity, work ethics and trustworthiness are true characteristics that would always be with him no matter what he does.

I know for a fact that I will recommend Vu without hesitation to anyone that I know.

One thing I know for sure, Vu will be helping us find our next home.
Sam Nadison
Coquitlam BC
Cel : (604)760-2523

Jan,3rd. 2012
When Ngo Vu selling Hoa nghiem temple in Aldergrove , every thing going smoothly, all my Buddhist members feel happy. Because this is a religion property with the price $2,580,000.00.This is successful for Ngo Vu.
 Ngo Vu and his two pattners are kindness for selling without commssion ( donate to temple )
Vu - have you are happy , lucky and healthy for new year.
Yours sincerely
Ven, Thich Nguyen Thao - Abbot of Hoa Nghiem temple

My name is Joanna Duong and I am a family counsellor at Westcoast Family Centres in Vancouver. VU NGO is well-known in the Vietnamese community. We met in a gathering in 1999 and became close friends though charity work.Vu was very busy running his jewelry store and restaurant but made time to organize many successful musical events to raise money for temples, churches, and orphanages in both Vietnam and  Cambodia.Vu is also loved and respected amongst his friends. We admire his leadership skills and the way he expresses his concern for all of us. Vu is also a great singer with a warm and strong voice.Vu is an honest, compassionate, and reliable man. I trust Vu both personally and professionally. Recently, he became a realtor. I believe that he is a successful realtor. Vu's Clients will benefit significantly by His excellent services 
Joanna Duong
Vancouver Westcoast Family Centre

I have known Vu Ngo for almost 20 years.  I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a Real Estate Agent. 
I met Vu when I was looking for a goldsmith to work in the jewellery store I managed.  I have moved to manage different jewellery stores and always asked Vu to continue being my goldsmith of choice.  His attention to detail, superior customer service and professionalism are second to none.  He treats every job as if it was for a family member.  Jewellery is a very personal purchase and he has never failed to impress my clients.
If you are looking for a professional who will go that extra mile, be sensitive to your needs and someone you can trust, then ask Vu Ngo to be your Real Estate Agent.  You will be as impressed as I have been and continue to ask him to be your Agent of Choice.
I wish Vu all the best as I know he will prosper in his new endeavour.
Leslie Haycock
MacMikyl Enterprises

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